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Winter is Upon Us…

Winter is Upon Us…

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on October 27, 2017.

It’s the end of October. Which means things are starting to cool off here in Southern Utah. Now we’re looking toward winter, and if you’re new around here, you might think that means the end of outdoor fun. But the truth is, there are lots of things you can do in the outdoors in winter. So, here’s what we at the Lodge suggest you do if you want to explore Southern Utah in the wintertime:

Go Hiking – at first this may seem odd, but there are actually plenty of hikes that you can do in the winter. For large parts of the season, there isn’t any snow on the ground in Capitol Reef or Zion National Parks. On somedays, you can hike with only a light jacket. But even when there is snow, you can still hit the trail. Bryce Canyon National Park has special programs for winter hiking. (In fact, many people think that the Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos look their best with a dusting of snow.) The park will even provide you with some of the proper winter gear needed for snow-hiking.

Ice Fishing – good news if you’re into fishing. Places like Fish Lake can be fished year-round. Get yourself an auger, drill a hole in the ice, sit back and wait for something to bite. If you want to get fancy, a tent and a little stove can make you more comfortable while you wait for dinner to swim by.

Snowmobiling – snowmobiling is a perfect sport for Southern Utah. With millions of acres of national forest land – some with dedicated snow mobile tracks – you can enjoy the sport with room to spare. We suggest that you check out the famous Fish Lake Snowmobile Complex to satisfy your high octane needs.

That’s just three ideas for maximizing your outdoor fun in Southern Utah. We hope to see you out there this winter.

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