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Gooseberry Mesa

Gooseberry Mesa

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on November 27, 2017.

If you’re a mountain biker, then you know there’s nothing like riding through the rough terrain of some unspoiled landscape. And if you know Southern Utah, then you know that the wide expanse of desert scenery is that unspoiled landscape. Whether you’re conquering the slickrock of Moab, or slogging through the sands of Hell’s Backbone, you’ll never get bored in Southern Utah. (We’ve mentioned a couple of amazing trails before.)

But, if you’re not convinced, if you’re looking for another reason to come bike Utah, we can help you out. Gooseberry Mesa. Here’s the deal, you can’t off-road bike in Zion National Park. The park service strictly forbids it. So if you’re coming to Zion to check the place out (and you definitely should) you’ll have to look elsewhere for the mountain biking trails you deserve. That’s where Gooseberry Mesa comes in.

Located just 10-miles from the park entrance, the main dirt road of Gooseberry Mesa offers great views and almost no traffic. This dirt road is perfect for novices, flat, easy and only 10-miles roundtrip. But, if you’re looking for an adventure, go discover the vast network of technical slickrock and singletrack routes. “Unlike Moab’s Slickrock Trail, there are no brutal hill-climbs. Instead, the ride is a test of balance, burst strength, and reaction time: short ups, brief downs, and quick turns. You can rarely see where you’re going to put the bike 20 feet later.” [UtahMountianBiking.com]

In addition to the fun of slickrock, you get to ride among the juniper, pinyon, and ponderosa. All while looking at views of Zion Canyon, Kolob Canyon, and the Pine Valley Mountains Wilderness. So if you’re searching for rough terrain, a place to test your skillset, and unparalleled landscapes, it’s gotta be Gooseberry Mesa.

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