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Free Days 2018

Free Days 2018

Posted in: Lodge Announcements, Nature, Travel on January 14, 2018.

What’s the only thing better than visiting a national park? Getting in for free! Every year the National Park Service selects certain days to be Fee Free Park Days. It’s a great reason to get outside and play in the most amazing places in the country. Here’s the complete list for 2018:

January 15 – Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
April 21 – First day of National Park Week
September 22 – National Public Lands Day
November 11 – Veterans Day

In case you’re wondering, yes the number of free days is somewhat reduced compared to previous years. This is partly due to budgetary constraints and partly due to this year’s new funding schemes. (As a side note, many parks will be raising their entrance fees this year. Some are projected to cost around $70 on a normal entrance day. So if you love visiting the parks as much as we do, now would be a good time to get a annual pass. As far as we know, the NPS isn’t raising the rates on the passes. You can get one for $80. Visit this page here for more info.)

So which parks are you going to visit this year on the Free Days? If you are in Utah, or are planning an awesome vacation to Utah, we recommend Zion National Park. (While we may prefer Capitol Reef, just remember, it’s always free, all the time!) Zion is the most famous park in Utah, and it never fails to impress. See the massive sandstone cliffs, enjoy the Southern Utah sunshine, hike a few trials and kick back and relax – it’s a free day after all.

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