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March, 2012
Nature, Outdoor adventures

Play on The Lake

We at the Lodge refer to it simply as “The Lake.” It is the go-to quick vacation spot for locals and visitors. It is a great place to catch some rays, do a little waterskiing, hike the surrounding countryside, and have an all-around awesome time. […]

Photographing the Wonder

Some of the best nature photography in the world comes from Southern Utah. Zion, Capitol Reef, and Bryce Canyon National Parks are prime locations for professional and amateur photographers alike. We, at the Lodge at Red River Ranch, are supporters of both art and adventure. […]

Vacation Planning

Spring is officially here. And we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have spring fever! We are already making our summer vacation plans. If you want to create a great vacation experience, think about seeing the best of Southern Utah. As resident experts, we […]

Spring Break In Southern Utah

Spring has arrived in Southern Utah. As much as we love the other seasons, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch especially love springtime. The weather is pleasant and hiking possibilities are almost unlimited. The birds are returning and the desert flowers are about […]

March, 2012
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Arches or Canyonlands?

Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are only a few miles apart. They share the same gateway town – Moab, Utah – and are both great places to explore. Despite their geographical closeness, however, their geology is quite different. This difference in scenery creates a difference […]

Wild Horses of Southern Utah

Only two hours away from Red River Ranch, you can visit the Warm Springs Resource Area Wild Horse Preserve — home to approximately 170 mustangs, who roam freely on 330,000 acres of herd management area.

February, 2012
Nature, Outdoor adventures, Travel

Why We Love the Burr Trail

We are sure Burr Trail is one of the best scenic routes in Southern Utah. The trail starts in Boulder, Utah and winds 68 miles into the most beautiful backcountry imaginable. The Burr Trail ends at Bullfrog, Utah, near Lake Powell. The Lodge at Red […]

Dixie National Forest for Hikers

Dixie National Forest is the largest forest in Utah, stretching 170 miles and enclosing more than two million acres. The forest has several distinct botanical divisions. At high elevations, large pine and aspen grow in the cool mountain air. Lower down, juniper and pinion pines […]

The Velvet Ridge

The Red River Ranch backs onto the dramatic cliffs of Velvet Ridge, which extends for miles in both directions from the Lodge. Not only is the ridge beautiful, its appearance seems to constantly change throughout the day as the sun transverses the sky.

January, 2012
Nature, Outdoor adventures

Candid Opinions

In this blog, we’ve continually stressed the fact that Capitol Reef is the best National Park in Utah, but we may be a little (understandably) biased. So to prove our point, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have complied this list of real […]