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Visiting Indian Ruins

Native American’s have left a lasting impact on Southern Utah. If you like history, you will enjoy visiting the ruins that various tribes have left behind. You can learn a lot. Here is the Lodge at Red River Ranch’s list of the best American Indian […]

September, 2011
Outdoor adventures, Travel

You’ve visited Zion, what’s next?

Many of the guests at The Lodge at Red River Ranch make a similar comment. They’ve toured Zion National Park, but they are left wondering what they should do next. Any trip into Zion is both memorable and exciting, but you can almost certainly add […]

Whitewater Adventure

Many people claim that Utah has the best whitewater rafting rivers in the country. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch agree. Whatever type of water you like, relaxing or heart pounding, you’ll find it in Utah. Early autumn is a great time to […]

August, 2011
Nature, Outdoor adventures

Two of our favorite trails

We at The Lodge at Red River Ranch like exploring trails—off-road vehicle trails, hiking trails, or horse trails, we like them all. Here are a couple of our favorites close by. These two trails are perfect for those reaching out for a little, genuine, Utah adventure.

Hunting near the Lodge

The 2011 hunting season is almost here. The Lodge at Red River Ranch hosts scores of enthusiastic hunters every year. For the occasion, we’ve jotted down a few of the things we know from hunting in Southern Utah.

Cathedral Valley

Cathedral Valley is the name of the wild, northern section of Capitol Reef National Park. Although it can be a little adventurous getting there, we at the Lodge agree it is a remarkable journey.

July, 2011
Outdoor adventures

Horseback Riding at the Lodge

With so much to explore in our nearby national parks and forests there is no better way than on horseback. With a guided horse tour you can view more natural wonders while experiencing that unique Old West flavor.

May, 2011
Outdoor adventures

Lake Powell

The proximity of Lake Powell to residents of Utah, Arizona, and Colorado make it a perfect closer-to-home vacation spot, or a weekend trip destination. Boating and water skiing are popular on the lake, but make sure you try these other activities.

May, 2011
Outdoor adventures

Best Fishing in Utah (in our humble opinion)

Southern Utah has hundreds of lakes and rivers that are annually filled with fish. For the avid fisherman, there is no better place to enjoy the sport. Here’s our five favorite lakes and rivers (in no particular order) all of which are fairly close to the Lodge.

May, 2011
Outdoor adventures

Highway Biking in Southern Utah

Highway bicycling is a well-recognized hobby. Whether you enjoy competitive racing, or simply relish the exercise and fresh air, the sport has something to offer everyone. One important aspect of any bicycling trip is the view. And Southern Utah offers spectacular vistas. There are a […]