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We love Southern Utah. And we love writing about all the adventures we have. So we combined our two passions, and created this – the Blog at Red River Ranch.

Our blog has hundreds of articles, detailing the exciting things you can do in Southern Utah. Think of it like a casual, travel-advice column written by those with insider information. We hope you find it helpful.

January, 2020
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Bryce Canyon: In-depth

We’ve written about the national parks of Utah a lot. But every so often we at the Lodge like to revisit the topic. So let’s dive in again and do an in-depth take of Bryce Canyon National Park […]

December, 2019

Year in Review

It’s that time of year again! Things are wrapping up for 2019, and 2020 will soon be upon us. And, as per our tradition here at the Lodge, we’re looking back on the year and making a sort of “Best Adventures” list – remembering the places that […]

December, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Fish Lake Snowmobile Complex (Update)

It’s December! And there’s plenty of snow in the mountains of Southern Utah. And, hey, you know us here at the Lodge, we love to have fun outside all year long – even in the winter time. So we’re always looking for great […]

December, 2019
Education, Nature

Seeing Stars

We’ve made so many advances in our modern world, and made so many gains. But we’ve lost a few things too. If you live in a city or other heavily developed area, then you probably don’t get much of a chance to see the stars. Which is a shame […]

November, 2019
Lodge Announcements

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. And we at the Lodge at Red River want to take a moment to say thanks to you, all of our guests, all of our blog readers, and all of our friends for another great year. We love doing what we do […]

November, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Best Mountain Biking. Anywhere.

If you bike, as in mountain bike, then you probably already know that Southern Utah is one of the best places in the world to ride. We have hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails that transverse some of the most breathtaking […]

November, 2019
Education, Historical places

Fremont Indian State Park

We at the Lodge love discovering little gems in Southern Utah – the places that most people drive right past, or that are a little tricky to get to. And we love suggesting these gems on our blog, so that you can discover […]

October, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Fall Hikes for 2019

As we may have mentioned before, autumn is actually a pretty fantastic time to hang out in Capitol Reef. There are a lot fewer people in the off-season, and the weather is much cooler. So you can actually do more hiking in less time. And since […]

October, 2019
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Capitol Reef Like a Local

We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have been living next to Capitol Reef National Park for a long time now. And we’ve learned a thing or two while we’ve been here, which means we have the advantage when it comes to exploring […]

September, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Southern Utah on an ATV

When you think about Southern Utah, you think about the national parks. And the remarkable scenery. And hiking, biking, climbing, and rafting through that scenery. Like most people, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love doing all of those things. […]