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We love Southern Utah. And we love writing about all the adventures we have. So we combined our two passions, and created this – the Blog at Red River Ranch.

Our blog has hundreds of articles, detailing the exciting things you can do in Southern Utah. Think of it like a casual, travel-advice column written by those with insider information. We hope you find it helpful.

November, 2011

Annual Events in Capitol Reef

The Capitol Reef area hosts many fun events each year. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch encourage our guests to participate in these annual activities. To help you know what is happening and where, we’ve compiled a list of the top not-to-miss events.

Bird Watching Southern Utah

Bird watching is a recreational pastime with a huge following. It is an inexpensive way to pursue the beauty of nature and to have a good time. All a beginner needs is an armchair, a pair of binoculars, and some patience. We at the Lodge […]

The Gifford House

Historical sites can be fun, and educational, places to visit. For those interested in the historical sites you will see in Capitol Reef National Park, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have complied some useful information. This blog focuses on the Gifford House. […]

October, 2011
Nature, Outdoor adventures

Stargazing in the Nation’s Best Spots

Southern Utah has some of the best stargazing sites in the United States. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch encourage our guests, and all visitors, to step outside and look up. While many places are good for stargazing, we’ve picked the three that […]

October, 2011
Nature, Outdoor adventures, Travel

The Tourist in Winter: Things to Do

Wintertime sees the decline of the tourist season in Southern Utah. While this is understandable, it doesn’t have to be the case. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch think winter activities in Southern Utah can be just as fun as summer activities. If […]

October, 2011
Nature, Travel

Falling for Fall

Autumn is our favorite season. We love the crisp feeling in the air, the chance to carve pumpkins, eating turkey at Thanksgiving, and especially seeing the fall colors. Nothing beats a scenic mountain drive to see the changing leaves. Here is the Lodge at Red […]

September, 2011
Outdoor adventures

Rock Climbing in Southern Utah

Rock climbing is an ever growing, ever expanding sport. There are few places as fun and scenic to climb as the rock walls of Southern Utah. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have some advise for rock climbers coming to find a good […]

September, 2011
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Zion, a Play-by-Play

Zion National Park is a great place to create family memories, rejuvenate, or just have a blast. Many of our guests comment that when they arrive, they have no idea what to do first. This is the Lodge at Red River Ranch’s play-by-play guide to […]

September, 2011

Mix it Up in Southern Utah

As much as we like the great outdoors, sometimes it’s nice to supplement camping and hiking with other activities. If you’re looking for other things to do in Southern Utah, consider these suggestions. We at The Lodge at Red River Ranch think you can make […]

September, 2011
Nature, Outdoor adventures

Capitol Reef, the Superior National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is, in our opinion, the best of all the national parks in Utah. We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch want to prove that to you. We hope the reasons we give will be enough to convince you to stop […]