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Rainbow in Stone

Rainbow in Stone

Posted in: Nature, Travel on February 8, 2017.

There are a lot of national areas in Utah. Places like Arches and Zion National Park pull in the biggest crowds, but there are plenty of other places you should visit. One of the smallest national monuments in Utah is also one of the coolest. Rainbow Bridge National Monument is only 160 square acres, but is home to the world’s largest natural bridge.

Rainbow Bridge is considered to be sacred site for the indigenous Navajo peoples of the region, a symbol of the deities that control the clouds, weather, and rainbows. It is located on the south side of Lake Powell, in the Forbidding Canyon.

Getting to Rainbow Bridge is a bit of an adventure in itself. There are no roads to the site, leaving you with a few options on how to get there.

You can hike overland to Rainbow Bridge through the Navajo Nation. The trail is about 13-miles long, and will take you several days to get there and back. In addition you will need to have a permit to hike through the Navajo Land.

You can also view Rainbow Bridge from the air. There are several companies that offer scenic flights throughout Southern Utah. And this can be a wonderful to experience Rainbow Bridge.

But by far the most popular way to get there is via boat. Launch at your marina of choice on Lake Powell. You can dock at the Rainbow Bridge courtesy dock for short-term docking while you hike the rest of the way to the bridge. It is about 2-miles from the dock to the bridge.

However you choose to get there, we promise that Rainbow Bridge will take your breath away. We think you’ll like it as much as we do.

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