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The Intrepid Trail System at Dead Horse

The Intrepid Trail System at Dead Horse

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on February 17, 2018.

We’ve written before about Dead Horse State Park, it’s one of our favorite parks in Utah, after all. If you don’t already know, Dead Horse is basically like the Grand Canyon – a little smaller, perhaps, but way less crowded. We’ve touched on the tragic legend that lead to the park’s name, and we’ve emphasized how impressive the views are, but one thing we’ve never mentioned is the Intrepid Trail System at Dead Horse.

The Intrepid Trail System is pretty new – it was only just completed in 2014. You can explore the trail system on foot, but it really shines as a mountain bike track. With over 16 miles of trail, it’s pretty much got something for everyone. The system forms a rough loop, with some spurs and detours along the way. The Intrepid Trail System runs through sparse forests of pinyon and juniper, and has a nice variety of slick rock and mixed terrain. But what really sets the trail system apart is the spectacular canyon views. There is no better way to explore the majesty of Dead Horse State Park.

Park at the Dead Horse Visitor Center – which is, conveniently, where the trail access begins. Stop and check out the Visitor Center, pay the trail fee of $15, grab a good map, then get out there and explore the Intrepid Trail System. It is generally recommended that you proceed in a counter-clockwise direction. There are several distinct sections that you get to ride through, ranging from easy-moderate to intermediate. You can learn all about the various sections of the trail here at the official website.

And that’s it. Go and discover one of the best mountain bike trail systems in the state at one of the best parks in the state.

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