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Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

Posted in: Nature, Outdoor adventures on September 7, 2018.

Snow Canyon

So we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have talked before about Utah’s awesome state parks. We’ve written about Dead Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley and a bunch of others, but we’ve never really discussed Snow Canyon in detail. And it’s about time that we did. After all, Snow Canyon State Park is one of the coolest spots in Southern Utah. And if it was transported to any other state, they’d probably make it a national park. (Unfortunately for Snow Canyon, nearby Zion National Park gets all the love.)

Hikes climb a mound in Snow Canyon State Park

Hikers in Snow Canyon. By The Division of Natural Resources via utah.gov

Explore the Park

Snow Canyon is a geological wonderland. It’s part red sandstone, part white sandstone, part lava flow and part sand dune. The drive through the canyon is spectacular, as each new section of the park reveals itself. Since the park is relatively small, it won’t take you long to travel through it. So if you really want to experience Snow Canyon, you’ll have to get out of the car and explore. There’s a bunch of trails throughout the park, but we’ve listed a couple of our favorites below:

Sand Dunes | Easy – did we mention the park had sand dunes? This easy, 1/2 mile trail will lead you to a massive sandy area that’s a perfect playground. Childs will love it.

White Rocks Trail | Moderately Strenuous – this trail is about 4 miles, with some rocky slopes, and moderate inclines. What you get for your efforts is an overlook of Snow Canyon State Park’s amphitheater of white sandstone.

You can do more that just hike in the park too. Rock climbing and horseback riding are two of the more popular activities.

A bird's eye view of Snow Canyon

Snow Canyon from above. By Brandon Nelson via unsplash.com

Useful Information

Snow Canyon is located about 20 minutes north of Saint George, Utah and about two hours from Las Vegas. So if you’re planning on being in the area, the park makes for a great day trip. There is a small entrance fee of $10 per vehicle that enters the park. You can also camp in Snow Canyon. There is a great little campsite that is very well maintained, scenic and peaceful. It can accommodate small RVs. The camp fees are $20 – $25, depending on if you need hookups.

We at the Lodge highly recommend checking out Snow Canyon. It’s easy to overlook with Zion National Park right next door, but we think you’ll still have a great time in this, one of Utah’s best state parks. Get more info from the official website here.

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