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Capitol Reef Bonus: Sulphur Creek

Capitol Reef Bonus: Sulphur Creek

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on May 27, 2020.

There’s Always More

In our recent blog post, Capitol Reef: In-Depth we covered some of the best hikes, drives, and activities you can do in the park. But here’s the thing, there’s always more to discover in Capitol Reef. So we’ve got a little bonus hike for you to check out – Sulphur Creek. It’s a tough hike, but one that we think you’ll love.

A woman hikes in a creek in a canyon

Photo by Kristina Wagner via unsplash.com

Sounds Fun, Tell Me More

The Sulphur Creek Trail is a canyon hike that follows, you guessed it, Sulphur Creek. The creek has carved out a deep, narrow slot in the red cliffs making for an exciting, but pretty strenuous hike. So if you’re ready for tricky scramble, and don’t mind getting wet, then you’ll probably love Sulphur Creek. The shade and water make Sulphur Creek perfect for mid-summer, when the heat makes other trails un-hikeable.

Where to Start

We recommend that you hike from the trailhead at Chimney Rock, into the canyon, past the waterfalls and exit the trail near the Visitor Center. If possible, park a vehicle at the Visitor Center, so that you don’t have to walk back to your car at Chimney Rock. From Chimney Rock to the Visitor Center is 5.5 miles.

Let’s Do This!

As we’ve mentioned, this trail is a bit tricky. So you’ll want to bring good gear – that means hiking boots, as well as sandals. Some hikers also bring rope. The trail follows Sulphur Creek, and enters the canyon at about a mile and a half. At three miles, you’ll encounter the first and second waterfalls. Bypass these on the right.

It’s an easy saunter to the next waterfall, located about 4.8 miles from the trailhead. Follow the cairned, hiker-made trail up the hill to get around the falls. After that it’s smooth hiking to the Visitor Center. If you want to know more about Sulphur Creek, we recommend this very excellent trail guide from liveandlethike.com. Enjoy!

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