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Fall Colors Roadtrip 2018

Fall Colors Roadtrip 2018

Posted in: Nature, Travel on September 22, 2018.

Fall Colors

Hey! What do you know? It’s September 22nd, which means that today is the first day of autumn. Fall in Southern Utah is great. The weather is cooler and more mild, the summer rains have stopped, and the aspens are becoming absolutely brilliant. Writing about where to see the fall colors in Southern Utah is one of our favorite traditions here at Red River Ranch. So if you want to really experience the best of autumn, take a drive in one of these awesome spots…

Red foliage in Zion Canyon

Photo by Kristopher Roller via unsplash.com

Highway 12 – The All American Highway

Highway 12 connects Capitol Reef National Park with Bryce Canyon National Park. And along the way it will take you across Boulder Mountain, through the Grand Staircase National Monument, and finally into Red Canyon. September is the perfect time to drive this scenic route, since it leads you through large sections of Dixie National Forest. Right now, the aspens trees are fantastic, especially when you are on Boulder Mountain. Stop at the many overlooks and admire the unbelievable views.

Fishlake National Forest – Fish Lake Plateau

Fish Lake and nearby Johnson Reservoir are some of the best freshwater fishing lakes in the state. They also happen to be two of the prettiest spots to visit during the fall. Take the scenic loop (Utah State Road 25) between the Fish Lake and Johnson Reservoir and you’ll be treated to a spectacular display of autumn’s best colors. And then take a break and catch some fish, you’re in the right spot for it.

And… Zion Canyon – Zion National Park

This is actually the first time we’ve listed Zion in one of our annual “Fall Colors Roadtrip” posts. This is partly because if you’re going to Zion, you’re usually not just looking for fall colors, but for the whole Zion experience. But also because Zion’s fall colors don’t get started until later in the year – usually at the end of October or even in November. That being said, Zion Canyon consistently puts on a fantastic show. And that can make your Zion trip really, truly exceptional. (Not as many people get to see the park at this time of year). So yes, this time we’re advising you to take a trip to Zion specifically to experience the fall colors of Zion Canyon. Do plenty of hiking while you’re there, but don’t miss out on the most important aspect of this trip – the amazing foliage.

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