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Heritage Starfest 2018

Heritage Starfest 2018

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on September 24, 2018.

Time to Stargaze

Capitol Reef is an official Dark Sky Place. Which means it doesn’t have any light pollution, and this makes it one of the best places in the country to view the night sky. And every year people from all around come to admire the stars at the Heritage Starfest, right here in Capitol Reef. It’s a very cool experience, with lots of knowledgable people to talk to, telescopes to look through, and plenty of night sky to gaze at. So if you’re into stargazing (and you really should be) come check out the Heritage Starfest this year. Things kick off on October 4th and last until the 6th.

An arch underneath the night sky

By Brooke Lark via unsplash.com

Dark Sky Community Celebration – Thursday, October 4th

This year, in addition to all the usual celestial activities, we’re celebrating! As it turns out, Capitol Reef isn’t the only spot in the neighborhood with a Dark Sky designation. The town of Torrey has become Utah’s first International Dark Sky Community. So this year there is a special event to recognize and honor the town of Torrey and all the people who made it a Dark Sky Community.

Come stop by the Red Sands Hotel on Thursday, October 4th at 7:15pm for a sky-gazing party and celebration. There will be refreshments.

Heritage Starfest Part One – Friday, October 5th

Then on Friday, Capitol Reef will host the usually scheduled Starfest activities. There are some daytime activities and an evening lecture. Stargazing will begin shortly after the presentation. Stop by the Capitol Reef Campground to get in on the action.

Heritage Starfest Part Two – Saturday, October 6th

And finally on Saturday, the Entrada Institute will host the final evening of stargazing and wrap up this year’s Starfest. There will be another presentation, fun events and games, and of course, another chance to admire the stars in our very own Dark Sky Community. Meet at the Robber’s Roost in Torrey at 7pm.

So if you’re in town, come hang out with us and take a moment to look up. You can call 435.425.2228 for more information.

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