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Welcoming Baby Bison

Welcoming Baby Bison

Posted in: Lodge Announcements on April 17, 2019.

It’s a Girl!

We have exciting news! A new addition to our family of American Bison! Our new baby bison was born a few weeks ago and is doing great. She’s a she, in case you’re wondering. But we haven’t quite decided on a name for her… yet. (There is some debate in the family as to what we want to call her.)

A shot of our new baby bison

Our new addition. Photo by Red River Ranch.

A Source of Pride

You’ve probably noticed that we at the Lodge have a thing for bison. We are proud to be one of the only ranches in Utah raising them. (You may have heard some people refer to them as buffalo, but they’re actually known as American Bison in the science books. So that’s usually what we call them too.) They thrive here on our rich alfalfa pastures, under the wide open skies of Southern Utah. And since we started raising American Bison years ago, they quickly became a symbol of Red River Ranch. Heck, we even have one on our logo for the Lodge!

Also, as a side note, Southern Utah is home to the last, truly-wild, unmanaged herd of bison in America. They live on and around the Henry Mountains, just west of Capitol Reef National Park.

Back to Baby

We really are thrilled to have this new baby. We’ll keep you updated on what we call her, and any other important events. Here are a few pictures. And if you’re passing by the Lodge at Red River Ranch, stop by and take a few of your own. You’ll usually find our herd in the front pasture.

The baby bison with her mother

Hanging out with mama. Photo by Red River Ranch.

The baby bison looking directly into the camera

Looking at the camera. Photo by Red River Ranch.

“The baby bison standing with the herd

With the herd. Photo by Red River Ranch.

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