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Our Summer Plans!

Memorial Day is now in our rear-view mirror, which means it’s (unofficially) summer! We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch are looking forward to doing and seeing some cool things this summer. Here’s what we’ve got on our list so far […]

Capitol Reef Scenic Drive Closure

Capitol Reef National Park has been growing in popularity for years now. In fact, we get about 1.2 million visitors every year! So, as you can imagine, some of the infrastructure that was created decades ago to service the park isn’t quite up to the job […]

Book Southern Utah Early!

Southern Utah has become a pretty popular place. Over the last four decades, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch have seen this part of the world go from relatively unknown to a world-famous travel destination […]

Free Park Days in 2024!

You know what’s better than visiting the national parks? Visiting the national parks and getting in for free! And every year the National Park Service designates a few days during the coming year when the entrance fee is waived. And […]

December, 2023
Lodge Announcements

Year in Review: 2023

Another year is over! We blogged about a lot of things this year, and covered a lot of topics. This past year was a big one, so let’s take a look back at the some of the more memorable posts that we wrote in 2023. This is the Blog at Red River Ranch: Year in Review […]

December, 2023
Lodge Announcements

Fee and Permit Changes in Zion

Some pretty big changes are coming to Zion. Starting next month, on January 5, 2024, Zion National Park will change it’s fee structure for all campgrounds in the park. The park will also switch to using recreation.gov […]

November, 2023
Lodge Announcements

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! And just like millions of Americans, we are thinking about what we are grateful for. It’s a long list. But here are a couple that we want to mention here: First and foremost we are grateful for all of the guests that […]

September, 2023
Lodge Announcements, Nature

2023 Annular Eclipse. In Capitol Reef!

There is an annular eclipse heading right for Capitol Reef! On October 14, 2023 (which is only 17 days from now!) the path of the eclipse will pass over Southern Utah, directly over the national park. So if you want to catch this celestial event […]

Summer Heat and Monsoons

You’ve probably seen all the headlines. It’s no secret that it’s been a very hot month. Thanks in part to a strong El Nino year, temperatures have risen across much of the United States, including here in Southern Utah. The deserts of the […]

Happy 100th, Bryce Canyon!

Today is a special day! Today, Bryce Canyon National Park celebrates its 100th anniversary! On June 8, 1923, President Warren G. Harding designated about 10,000 acres of land as Bryce Canyon National […]