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Our Summer Plans!

Our Summer Plans!

Posted in: Lodge Announcements, Outdoor adventures, Travel on May 29, 2024.

We’ve Got a List

Memorial Day is now in our rear-view mirror, which means it’s (unofficially) summer! We at the Lodge at Red River Ranch are looking forward to doing and seeing some cool things this summer. Here’s what we’ve got on our list so far:

A lake filling sandstone canyons

Photo by Rainer Krienke via unsplash.com

Torrey Apple Days – Every year the town of Torrey puts on a Fourth of July party that is the envy of small towns across the country. The tree-lined streets are the picture perfect setting for the parades and events that celebrate Independence Day. Join us if you want a taste of classic Americana. This year Torrey Apple Days takes place on July 6th, 2024! Here’s a link to their official Facebook page.

Dark Sky Nights – We love star gazing! We look forward to the warmer nights of summer to go outside and observe the heavens. And it just so happens that Capitol Reef National Park is officially a Dark Sky Park. And let us tell you, there isn’t a better place in the United States to lay down and watch the galaxies spin above you. So if you’re a star-gazing enthusiast like we are, put this on your summer list.

Splash Around Lake Powell – Lake Powell and the larger Glen Canyon Recreation Area is one of our favorite summer destinations. Who doesn’t want to play in a huge lake on a hot summer day? Plus it’s beautiful, and there are myriads of little canyons to play in. We’ve written about Lake Powell here, so if this sounds like some where you want to go, check that post out.

Going Somewhere New – That’s the great thing about Southern Utah! There’s always somewhere new to explore! We’ve been living here for decades, and we still haven’t seen every amazing place there is to see. So every year we try to find someplace new to check out – maybe it’s in Capitol Reef or one of the national parks – or maybe it’s somewhere even more remote. We’ll let you know at the end of the summer what we discovered! Maybe you will find someplace new as well!

The vast desert expanse as seen from the Cassidy Arch Trail

Photo by David Harraka via unsplash.com

Make Your Plans Too!

If you’re wondering where to start, we might be able to help. Check out this page for the Top Ten Things to do in Capitol Reef, and this page for itineraries for a few of Southern Utah’s best destinations. Have a great summer!

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