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Arches: Bonus Feature!

Arches: Bonus Feature!

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on February 7, 2020.

More to Show and Tell

So we at the Lodge have been updating our blog with more in-depth posts about Utah’s five national parks. We’ve already done Bryce Canyon and Arches National Parks. And the rest are coming soon! But as we were working on those, we came across this little video by our friends at Utah.com. And it seemed like a perfect bonus feature for our recent Arches post.

A Very Famous Arch

As we mentioned in Arches: In-depth, Delicate Arch is the most popular geological feature, not just in Arches, but in the whole State of Utah. (Do an image search of “Utah,” if you want confirmation of this.) So it makes sense that Delicate Arch is also the most popular hike in Arches National Park. But, to reiterate, even though it’s immensely popular, it’s still worth doing it for yourself. So if you’ve never hiked it before, then you should probably throw it on the ol’ bucket list.

A New Perspective

While we at the Lodge can describe a hike to you, and talk about the elevation change, the terrain, and the distance of the hike, it’s sometimes hard to capture in words the true experience of the trail. Pictures help, of course. But the best way to convey trail information is in video. And here’s where, thanks to Utah.com and the magic of Google Earth, we’d like to show you the trail to Delicate Arch from a new perspective:

You can see in the video how a large portion of the route is over sandstone slickrock, so you’ll need to follow the trail markers. You can also see that the trail is mostly flat, with only a moderate elevation gain. And, hopefully, you’ll take note that there isn’t a lot of shade on the trail, so you’ll know to hike when it’s cooler, and to bring plenty of water. But most of all, you’ll see that this is a pretty great hike, to a pretty great landmark!

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