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Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Posted in: Lodge Announcements on November 27, 2020.

Just Sayin’ Thanks

Yesterday was Thanksgiving day here in the United States. And since it’s a holiday centered around giving gratitude, we starting thinking about some of the things for which we are thankful. Here’s a couple that we thought we’d share:

A panorama of Capitol Reef National Park

The best places in the country. Photo by Hayden Hatch via unsplash.com

The National Parks

The national parks are some of the best places in America. They are the most scenic, most diverse, and most beautiful lands in our country – and we get to visit them whenever we want. During the first part of this year, when the parks were closed to visitors, it reminded us just how grateful we are to have these awesome, awe-inspiring public lands. Especially Capitol Reef, which is our home.

Photo of earlie park settlers

The parks exists today because of early conservation efforts. Photo via nps.gov

And the People Who Created Those Parks

We actually just wrote a post about some of the people who helped Capitol Reef become a protected area. (And there’s more to learn about that, on the park’s official history page.) Sometimes it’s easy to forgot that creating a national or state monument or park takes a lot of work. So we’re grateful for those who have worked, and those who continue to work, to create public lands for everyone to enjoy.

Hiking boots on red sandstone

Hiking trails took a lot of work to make. Photo by Madalyne Staab via unsplash.com

Developed Hiking Trails

This is kinda similar to the last one. But think about it – all those trails that we all love to hike, both inside the national parks’ boundaries and outside them, they all had to be mapped, developed, and routinely maintained in order for us to enjoy them. So we think we’re pretty lucky to have them.

Bryce Canyon in the snow

There are few places as scenic in winter as Bryce Canyon. Photo by Philip Graves via unsplash.com

Seasons in Southern Utah

It might sound a bit odd to some people, but we’re really grateful that we have seasons here in Southern Utah. Without the cycle of snow and rain and thaw and wind, there would be a lot less of the fantastic scenery that surrounds us. Plus, have you ever been to Bryce Canyon after a fresh snowfall? It’s pretty darn magical.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lodge

Thank you to all our guests and friends.

And All of Our Guests. Thank You.

Lastly, we at the Lodge are sincerely grateful to all those you choose to come and spend time with us while they explore the parks, the trails, and the seasons of Southern Utah. Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving.

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