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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Posted in: Lodge Announcements, Nature on February 14, 2023.

Showing Some Love

It’s Valentine’s Day today! And every year on this day we like to write a blog post about how much we love Capitol Reef! People travel from all over the world to visit us in this fantastic geological location – and we get to live here! So we feel pretty lucky. And we want to share of love of this special natural park with you!

A river under red cliffs and green foliage

Photo by Donald Giannatti via unsplash.com

More Than Stone

To the uninitiated, Capitol Reef may appear as a collection of sandstone formations molded by erosive forces into some interesting shapes. But the truth is that there is something special about the land here. There is something that catches at your soul and holds you to the earth. Don’t misunderstand we love the outdoor recreational activities here too – hiking in Cathedral Valley, touring the Burr Trail in the Waterpocket Fold, picking fruit from the orchards – but Capitol Reef is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a place that brings about a connection of oneself to the sublime. People don’t just come here for the cool rocks, but for the transcendent experience of connecting with a wild and natural place. (But there are some very cool rocks here too.)

People walking among the monoliths of Cathedral Valley

Photo by Brady Stoeltzing via unsplash.com

You Will Love It Too!

There is only so much that our (admittedly flowery) words and a couple of images can convey about a place. If you truly want to understand how special, how exhilarating, how moving it can be to wander among the sandstone cliffs of Capitol Reef, you have to visit in person. And we can pretty much promise you this: once you come and experience this place for yourself, you’ll be in love too!

To end on a more practical note: if you’ve been convinced to come pay us a visit here at Capitol Reef then you are going to want to make some concrete plans. And we can help with that. Check out this page for an itinerary, this page for our top ten things to do in the park, and our blog for more today bits and tips.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A red stone in the shape of a heart

Photo by Ivo Raeber- via unsplash.com

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