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January, 2020
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Arches: In-depth

We at the Lodge are updating our catalogue with more thorough, more in-depth posts about the national parks of Utah. We’ve got more information, and more suggests for you in this post about Arches National Park […]

January, 2020
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Bryce Canyon: In-depth

We’ve written about the national parks of Utah a lot. But every so often we at the Lodge like to revisit the topic. So let’s dive in again and do an in-depth take of Bryce Canyon National Park […]

December, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Fish Lake Snowmobile Complex (Update)

It’s December! And there’s plenty of snow in the mountains of Southern Utah. And, hey, you know us here at the Lodge, we love to have fun outside all year long – even in the winter time. So we’re always looking for great […]

November, 2019
Outdoor adventures, Travel

The Best Roadtrip!

There is one road trip in Southern Utah that is quite simply the best. It’s the best because it’s the biggest, sure, but it’s also the best because it incorporates all the individual amazing parts of our state into one unforgettable trip […]

October, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Fall Hikes for 2019

As we may have mentioned before, autumn is actually a pretty fantastic time to hang out in Capitol Reef. There are a lot fewer people in the off-season, and the weather is much cooler. So you can actually do more hiking in less time. And since […]

September, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Southern Utah on an ATV

When you think about Southern Utah, you think about the national parks. And the remarkable scenery. And hiking, biking, climbing, and rafting through that scenery. Like most people, we at the Lodge at Red River Ranch love doing all of those things. […]

August, 2019
Outdoor adventures, Travel

A Grand (Staircase) Adventure

A lot of people drive Utah’s Highway 12 Scenic Byway (often referred to as the All American Road) and perhaps you have too. The iconic route stretches from Torrey, Utah and Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon National Park. And along the way […]

July, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Camping in Capitol Reef

If you’re planning on spending any time in Capitol Reef, you might want to camp in the park for a night or two. It can be fun to make a fire, grill some hot dogs, and sleep beneath the desert stars. (Plus you can always shower […]

June, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Cathedral Valley – The Definitive Guide

Cathedral Valley is the forgotten section of Capitol Reef. It’s hard to get to, requires a high-clearance vehicle, and offers no services. And, for the most part, it doesn’t even look like the rest of Capitol Reef. So, it’s no wonder that most people pass right on by. But if you want […]

May, 2019
Outdoor adventures

Drive the White Rim Road

Canyonlands is the most remote, least developed, and least visited national park in Utah. Which is great! This makes it the perfect place to get a taste of real wilderness – to really explore the backcountry. And nowhere in Canyonlands is more rugged […]