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Looking Back at 2018

Looking Back at 2018

Posted in: Outdoor adventures on December 31, 2018.

End of Another Year

Hey! Today is the last day of 2018! We’ve had a lot happen here at Red River Ranch this year. And we wanted to remember a few things, and write a quick recap of the year before going into 2019.

Our new Captiol Reef Top Ten portion of the site

Our new Capitol Reef Top Ten page.

We Got a New Site!

This year we updated our website. It’s easier to navigate, faster, and most importantly, it’s full of lots of helpful information. You all seem to like hanging out here, especially on the Suggested Itineraries, and the new Capitol Reef Top Ten pages, which makes us glad. We also got GDPR compliant, so all of our European guests (and everybody else) can rest assured.

We Ventured into the Unknown

We love exploring Southern Utah. And we especially love finding all those secret, hidden places. We went everywhere from the crowded shores of Lake Powell and the ever-popular Snow Canyon, to the hushed canyons of Grand Gulch and the crazy-looking wilderness of the Wahweap Hoodoos. We can’t wait to add more places to our list in 2019, we’re already thinking about going to old favorites and new destinations.

And We Blogged About it All

This year we uploaded nearly 50 blog posts about what we saw, were we traveled, and where you should travel too. We also learned a few things, and got super curious about natural arches and bridges. We wrote about the best places to see them, and how the heck they form in the first place. We also clued you in to the filming locations of some of Hollywood’s biggest production, including spots in Utah where Westworld was shot.

Castle Valley in Utah

By Trent Yarnell via unsplash.com

We Got to Hang Out With You

Of all the things we did this year, hanging out with all of you was our favorite. Thanks for making the Lodge at Red River Ranch part of your 2018. We are happy to have met you, old friends and new. And we’re looking forward to seeing you again in 2019. Happy New Year, everyone!

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