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National Park Week 2021!

National Park Week 2021!

Posted in: Education, Lodge Announcements on April 15, 2021.

A Whole Week for the Parks!

It’s almost National Park Week! A special week to celebrate our national parks and public lands. The week kicks off this Saturday the 17th on what’s being called Park Prescription Day (each day of National Park Week has a theme) and it’s just what the doctor ordered! Entrance fees are waived at all national parks on that day. So if you were looking for an excuse to get to your favorite park, now you have one!

Vintage NPS poster of a park ranger

Photo by Library of Congress via unsplash.com

Themed Days

So, as we mentioned, each of the days of National Park Week has a special theme. And despite the name, the whole “week” is actually nine days of celebration. Here’s the line up:

As you can see there is a lot going on, and a lot of cool activities and projects in which you can participate . But that’s not all, because…

National Park Week is also Virtual

Each of the national parks has a dedicated social media team, and this coming week, they will be working overtime to bring you plenty of content. So if you can’t be in the parks in person, you can at least be there in spirit. The parks are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all the big ones. (Notice all those hashtags up there?) You can Find Your Virtual Park on this official directory on nps.gov.

A national park ranger stands in front of a natural arch giving a lecture

Photo by Francess Gunn via unsplash.com

Consider Giving Back

In addition to all the fun stuff happening this coming week, the parks use National Park Week to help bring awareness to the importance of our public lands. They join with the National Park Foundation to raise funds for the parks. While the national parks do get federal support, sometimes they need a little extra. So if you want to lend a hand, you’ll have the option to give to the national parks.

Go Play!

Now is the perfect time to appreciate, explore, and support the national parks. And it’s also the perfect time to go outside and play!

Vintage NPS poster of longhorn sheep

Photo by Library of Congress via unsplash.com

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