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Southern Utah Winter Fun!

Southern Utah Winter Fun!

Posted in: Nature, Travel on December 21, 2021.

Winter Once Again

It’s officially the first day of winter today, and just like most places, Southern Utah experiences a lot of change during this season. Despite the fact that this region is a desert, we still get snow, and we still get a little cold. But that’s a good thing, we promise! The annual snowfall is both intensely beautiful, especially on the myriad rock formations, and necessary for the natural erosion that shapes this are. Plus, the sun is almost always shinning, which means the snow doesn’t coat the ground for long periods of time. Which also means it’s never not a good time to go hiking and exploring in Southern Utah! So we at the Lodge put together this list of suggestions for what you can and should do if you’re coming here between now and spring. Enjoy!

A snowmobile in the snow

Photo by Lotus Raphael via unsplash.com

The Snow Stuff

If you really DO want to play in the snow in Southern Utah, then you’ve got to head to the mountains. The higher elevation allows for snowfall to accumulate, which allows you to do all the snow sports you can image:

Skiing – we’ve got two, count ’em, two ski resorts in Southern Utah – Eagle Point and Brian Head. So if you have that itch for downhill skiing, we highly recommend that you check them out. We’ve written a couple blog posts about them, so you can get the full details here. If you’d prefer to do cross-country skiing instead, we suggest the Deer Hollow Non-Motorized Winter Recreation Area in Dixie National Forest.

Snowmobiling – One of Utah’s best kept secrets is the 160-miles of groomed trails that make up the Cedar Mountain Snowmobile Complex/East Snowmobile Complex. (Easy name, huh?) It’s perfect! It’s scenic, it’s maintained, and it’s waiting for you. Check out Utah’s state park website to start planning your trip! You can also download the brochure here.

A golf course

Photo by Edwin Compton via unsplash.com

The Sunny Stuff

Ok, like we mentioned, there is a ton to do in Southern Utah because it’s usually sunny. You should definitely still take a coat with you, just in case, but you will also probably need your sunglasses!

The National Parks – the national parks are open all day, every day, all year long! (Some facilities like the visitor centers will be closed on holidays, but yo can still enter the parks and play.) So basically anything that you would do in the summertime you can do in winter. Our suggestion is to go hiking. There are a couple of really great winter hikes in Capitol Reef that we just wrote about, so check those out. You can also check out our detailed write ups on Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion to help spark some ideas.

Bryce Canyon – ok, ok, we know that this is also a national park. But in Southern Utah, Bryce Canyon is distinct because it’s at a higher elevation. Which means that snow hiking is an option here. Check out this page to learn more.

Golf – golf, anyone? Image you’ve just finished exploring Zion Canyon, or maybe just gotten off the slopes at Brian Head. You’re in Saint George, and it’s sunny outside. It’s time for a round of golf. So naturally you head to Sand Hollow Resort. The scenery is great, the amenities abound, the rates are pretty good for the area, and they’ve got the awesome Sand Hollow Grill.

A single tree stands above the snow-filled Bryce Canyon

Photo by Mike Newbry via unsplash.com

Southern Utah, Anytime

We’re pretty sure that whether you’re here for the snow, the sun, or just the amazing scenery, Southern Utah will become your new favorite wintertime spot. But then again, Southern Utah might be your new favorite anytime spot!

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