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July, 2020
Nature, Travel

Monsoon Season

Here in Southern Utah we have some pretty great scenery. And all of it – the narrow slot canyons, the sandstone monoliths, the natural arches and bridges, the sheer cliff walls, even the vast, shifting deserts – all of it was caused by the power of erosion […]

Memorial Day Travel?

Things are looking up here in Southern Utah. And things are getting back to normal. We’ve been lucky that the recent outbreak of coronavirus has had a minimal impact of us. Some Utah residents and out-of-state visitors are thinking about Memorial Day […]

Park Reopenings

Here in Southern Utah, we’ve been fortunate that the pandemic has largely passed us by. State health and national park officials continue to monitor the situation, but for the most part, it seems like Utah’s national parks will be back to normal […]

April, 2020
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Capitol Reef: In-depth

We know that right now Capitol Reef is closed to tourists. But we also know that things won’t stay like this forever. And this year we’ve been doing an in-depth series focused on each of Utah’s five national parks. We’ve already done Arches, Canyonlands, and […]

April, 2020
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Safe Hiking

Hey everyone, the National Park Service is now deciding which parks remain open on a case-by-case basis. And while Arches and Canyonlands have been temporarily closed, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion remain open, or partially open. Which means that for some visitors […]

March, 2020
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Spring Break! 2020 Edition

It’s that time of year again! Things are starting to green up, the song birds are starting to sing, and schools and universities across the country are releasing their students into the wild. It’s Spring Break! And, as is tradition for millions […]

Canyonlands: In-depth

We’ve done Arches, we’ve done Bryce, now it’s time to do Canyonlands! As you know, we’re starting this year off with a series of posts that deep-dive into each of the national parks. Obviously, we’ve written about the parks before, a lot [..]

January, 2020
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Arches: In-depth

We at the Lodge are updating our catalogue with more thorough, more in-depth posts about the national parks of Utah. We’ve got more information, and more suggests for you in this post about Arches National Park […]

January, 2020
Outdoor adventures, Travel

Bryce Canyon: In-depth

We’ve written about the national parks of Utah a lot. But every so often we at the Lodge like to revisit the topic. So let’s dive in again and do an in-depth take of Bryce Canyon National Park […]

December, 2019

Year in Review

It’s that time of year again! Things are wrapping up for 2019, and 2020 will soon be upon us. And, as per our tradition here at the Lodge, we’re looking back on the year and making a sort of “Best Adventures” list – remembering the places that […]